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Technekes' Proven PAP Platform

A comprehensive solution for manufacturers.
A compassionate solution for patients.

There's no question: Providing medication to patients in need is the right thing to do. Patient assistance programs (PAPs), however, can be complicated to launch and administer. Fortunately, Technekes has mastered the necessary complexities, technicalities and legalities. Our end-to-end PAP solution-RxWorks-successfully navigates these challenges, so pharmaceutical manufacturers can fulfill their commitment to patients.

A fully-conceived PAP solution

Highly automated and easily implemented, RxWorks was created and designed with the specific needs of our clients in mind.

We have worked out every detailed aspect, from initial set-up through prescription delivery and renewal. We manage every component - including enrollment, communication, mail order pharmacy fulfillment and patient support. Naturally, every communication - whether online, mobile, fax, or by phone - is fully-branded.

Monitor enrollments, communications, prescription fills and customer service in real time.

Patients in need find the necessary forms, information and assistance online.

RxWorks includes:

  • Established call center with pharmaceutical expertise
  • Mail order pharmacy with PAP expertise, MedVantx
  • Carefully conceived patient and HCP communications

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