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A marketing platform allowing you to address changes in prescribing behavior,
one HCP at a time.

Today there is a tug of war every competitive company and brand must balance - a world of abundant and ever increasing data and a mandate to spend and act more efficiently with ever decreasing internal resources. Large amounts of data are only useful if they can help us make smarter decisions.

As a pharma marketer with an extraordinary tool at your fingertips - secondary data - you know precisely who is writing scripts for your brand, and just as important, who is not. Now, with Technekes' MessageOnCall, you can put that data to work. This innovative platform works allows your company or brand to track individual changes in HCP prescribing behavior, and more importantly, MessageOnCall allows you to respond with appropriate and relevant marketing messages - at the individual prescriber level. This allows you to deploy your resources in the most efficient means possible, giving high attention to your most valuable customers while developing and warming potential customers with the appropriate messaging.

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