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Rebate Program "Rescue"

Timely payments with program transparency.


A major pharmaceutical manufacturer offered a promising rebate program, designed to develop and nurture patient relationships and build compliance. However, patient relationships were damaged, not enhanced, when the initial vendor was unable to provide rebates in a timely manner.


Technekes was brought in to set the program right and monitor the program. Technekes quickly implemented a daily tool to strategically manage the program, allowing our client full transparency and a a real-time view into program performance. In parallel Technekes rescued and redeemed patient relations with the client by implementing a comprehensive patient response platform consisting of inbound and outbound channels.

In all, Technekes processed 45,000 checks (worth over $1 million) on time and equally important Techkekes was able to successfully restore and redeem customer relations between this client and their valued customers.

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